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Dec. 15th, 2011

Johnlock heart


Dec. 11th, 2011

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Holiday Love Meme

I would love some messages from you guys.

My thread is here.

Post your own so I can leave you love too :)

Sep. 8th, 2011

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Killarney and Kinsale

So my mom really wants me to finish the travel blog, and I've got most of the pics edited, which is half the process. However, I still have about...6 cities, not counting these 2, to cover, lol.

However, I'm definitely working on it, so I figured I might as well post it here while I also post it to my blogspot :)

Pretty lake, abandoned monastery, and yummy food below the cutCollapse )

...I should totes be packing right now!

This is (another) moving post!

T-minus 2.5 days until the move.

I keep checking in with myself to see how I'm feeling about it, because this is such an entirely new experience for me. It's hard to say.

Last night we had a big blowout pool going away party for us, which a whole bunch of our friends came to, and was really fun...although a lot of Riley's work friends came, and while they were great (and brought lots of food!) I kind of wished it had been more of our close friends, cuz I had a hard time connecting with them in a "we're about to leave" sense. IDK, hard to explain. I did have a really good time with my friends who came, despite the pool Nazis of Riley's apt complex. Afterwards, Riley, Thea and I had a mostly naked cuddle-touch party (all 3 of us were feeling deprived after camp) and watched the IT Crowd and I felt the love.

For the last couple days I've been slowly packing. Yesterday I took down the decorations in my room that I'm going to bring, which was about half of them. My walls are looking really bare (although they still have a good amount of stuff on them) for the first time in at least 8 years. Tonight I took down even more decor and packed more of my bedside table & bookshelf stuff. Mostly I just have to pack my clothes and I'm pretty much done. Worried about fitting it all into the van--on the first trip, Riley and I are driving my dad's van and his mom is driving his car with our mattress strapped to the top, lol. Then my parents are driving my car up in a week with another load. So theoretically, we SHOULD have enough room. I have so much shit, though. I'm having a bit of a Tyler Durden moment with all of it.

Major concerns right now are being able to fit all this stuff in our room in a neat fashion, getting up there okay (and not have the mattress blow off and take out half the freeway), and of course the relentless press of money. I withdrew all my savings today so that I can deposit it in a new account at a credit union up there, where me and Riley will have a joint account for paying rent (EEK!).

I'm also worried about my mom, who is NOT dealing well with me leaving. Last night she was sending me sad texts like "Walls too bare" and she left me a note on my bed asking me not to take ALL my decor down cuz then my room wouldn't be me. Apparently she slept in my bed last night and cried a lot. Oy. By the way, do you see the over-emotional mother-daughter resemblances? =PP

Still feeling good about actually living with Riley. A lot of my worries about getting along with him, sharing space, money, etc have really just kind of smoothed out based on the convos we've been having and just the fact that we're actually about to really go through with it. Somehow up to this point it's still seemed sort of theoretical but now, holy shit, it's actually happening. This weekend at camp we kept going up to each other and going "WE'RE MOVING IN TOGETHER" and then screaming or jumping up or down or running away or whatever =P Also, I just...I just continue to love him more, constantly. At camp especially--seeing him flourishing socially even when we were in different circles (which is nothing new, but still nice to see), seeing people respecting him (he was a covenant group leader!), and seeing him being so at home in the community where I've always felt at home...and even just seeing him walking around, listening to him crack jokes, horsing around with him...I just kept feeling huge surges of "oh my god, I can't believe how much I love him" feeling. And that feeling just makes everything happy and right in my world and makes me feel like we can do anything because of how sure I am about my love for him and his love for me.

So yeah. Tomorrow I'm packing my clothes, and then probably going out to one last bar hurrah with the Thursday Knights (I hope). Still not dealing very much with leaving all my closest friends, but I'm coming to terms with it. Friday we load up the cars and see what we can fit. And then very early Saturday morning...we're off.

I'd appreciate any calm or supportive vibes you can send my way. I'm so excited, but still so in need of comfort and support and if you just think of me, I'm sure I'll feel it :)

I'm just feeling pretty awesome about life and changes and everything right now, guys.


Aug. 26th, 2011

Being an adult

Went to check my UCSC web portal for the first time in a while, found this

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Aug. 17th, 2011

Johnlock heart

Dingle Peninsula, Ireland

Ireland wins the greenest country ever awardCollapse )
So since this place we've been to Killarney, Kinsale, Kilkenny, Dublin, Conwy, and Cardiff, and are heading to London today. Maybe one day this will be actually up to date! =P

Aug. 14th, 2011

Johnlock heart

Had a very adventure-filled day in Dublin...

culminating in me stumbling across a huge LGBT marriage equality march across the city!

What a silly question, of course I joined them!! I declared myself the Californian ambassador and wrote this on the back of the “equal” paper I was given:

which provoked a lot of questions and I met a whole bunch of seriously wonderful people. I cried listening to the amazing speeches in front of the justice building, remembering the marches I’ve been to and feeling a close affinity and understanding with everyone around me. It felt just like the California equality rallies, and having proof that even internationally, we are all working together for the same goals was really affirming.

I’m going to meet up with the new friends I made at an after party at another gay bar across town tonight. More pictures to come later :)

…I am seriously considering living here. I love this city so much.

Aug. 10th, 2011

Johnlock heart

Edinburgh, Scotland; with a dash of Harry Potter

This took me 3 full days to put together so you better at least glance at it XD. Image heavy.Collapse )

Aug. 7th, 2011

Johnlock heart

Éirinn go brách

I've only been in Ireland two days, but I already know that it's one of the most magical, wonderful, amazing places I've ever been. One the bus ride from Shannon to Limerick, tears just started pouring down my face at the sheer beauty of everything, just like when I drove into Yosemite for the first time. A part of me feels like it has finally come home, the part of me that has had a yearning for these green shores my entire life before I could even understand what I was feeling.

Early this afternoon we got to Dingle, this tiny fishing village where everyone knows each other and everything is very peaceful. For lunch we had fresh fish & chips--easily the best fish & chips I've ever had, and probably will ever have. The fish was caught straight from the harbor that morning, the potatoes for the chips harvested only a few days earlier. Along with it I had my first pint of Irish lager, which knocked me off my feet. Hands down the best beer I've ever had, paling in comparison to American and even English lagers. Those were two of the amazing things I've tasted today, the other two being homemade dark chocolate & Bailey's ice cream and the last being the Irish rain on my tongue as I walked next to the harbor through the downpour.

We've already met some of the locals and know them by name. Everyone is so friendly here. One of them invited us to his music shop where we listened to him play accordion while another man played a bodhrán, a traditional Irish frame drum. It was completely wonderful. Tonight we'll be going to listen to more folk music, as it's happening in half the pubs here!

I can't even believe what I'm experiencing right now. I'm trying to process, to take it all in, but I'm overwhelmed.

Aug. 5th, 2011

Johnlock heart

Trip update: York, England

I'm going to try to make this entry shorter, because we're already halfway done with Edinburgh (which I am LOVING) and if I take as long to post as I did for Bath it will be the end of the trip before I get this up =P

Yorkity York YorkCollapse )

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